Bob Barger

A Very Different Site

Bob and Lisa asked us put up the first home that we have had the opportunity to build above a 4000 thousand-foot elevation. Their site was quite challenging given the extremely steep slope and the rock excavation involved. The sub basement foundation wall, however, afforded the addition of an elevated porch off the basement bedroom areas. The site is not easy to access with two three-point turns on the way up. But WOW, what a view once you get there.

Stacey & Ken Albright

A Very Different Foundation

Ken and Stacey's home was the first that we have built using a Superior Walls Foundation. Stacey's parents had used the walls for their basement in Pennsylvania some years before. Being duly impressed, Stacey insisted that the system be used for their basement. The wall system provides a very dry daylight basement space for Ken's "MAN CAVE". Having built a large pond on their property the idea occurred to the Albrights to install a geothermal heating and air conditioning system. The pond is a great medium for temperature recovery for the system.

Peggy & Tom Britt

A Very Different Home

Building a home for Tom and Peggy was a very different home. They bought an entire mountain that Tom had eyed as a home sight for years. Their home sets atop their mountain complete with a 360-degree view. Their spacious home, decorated with some very unusual antique pieces, gave us the opportunity for two firsts as a log home builder. A sweeping radius stair adds a second touch of elegance to a great room lighted by an antique oil chandelier wired for twenty first century use. By adding an elevator Tom and Peggy gained easy access to all three floor of their home.

Carol & Don Day

A Very Different Erection Experience

Building a home for Don and Carol led us down a path where we had never been. Their site was not assessable by our normal erection equipment. All phases of the home erection process were completely accomplished by manual labor. Don and Carol are both retired, however, Don still does some consulting work and Carol is involved in tax preparation in season. Their home has loft space prepared for their work area complete with skylight for natural light and fresh air in an area that would otherwise be somewhat dark.